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Includes up to four hours strategy support per month via phone and email. We will discuss what your needs are and how they can best be handled. We will create a plan that will fit your needs. This plan can be tweaked as we go along as your needs may change during the month.

This package includes the advantage of scheduling availability outside of normal working hours.

  • Email Support - Set up folders and rules. Clear out inbox 2X daily by replying, forwarding, tagging, deleting, filing emails per your direction.
  • Contacts - Organize folders and sub-folders and maintain.
  • Electronic Files - Organize folders and sub-folders and maintain.
  • Templates - Includes creation of package with letterhead, envelope, newsletter, postcard, includes future changes/updates to material.
  • Company Standard Operating Procedures - Will create plan to capture all necessary procedures that are needed to support your company. Will create a minimum of one new procedure per week.
  • Company Policies - Will create plan to capture all necessary policies that affect your company. Will use your content or we can research. Will complete a minimum of one new policy per week.
  • Research - Basic (Travel information, contact information, simple questions) or Advanced (Competitor's Information, technology, State or Federal regulatory information. Includes written report with detailed findings). Includes one detailed report per week.
  • Correspondence and Reports - To include business correspondence, PowerPoint presentations, reports, newsletters. Up to 20 pages per week.
  • Proofreading and Editing - Emails, correspondence, marketing literature, social media content, website content, blogs. Up to 20 pages per week.
  • Social Media - Monitor up to 5 platforms daily for remarks/comments. Post your content on up to 5 platforms daily. Create/find content to post up to 5 items per week.
  • Website - Basic updates and monitor daily for comments.
  • Blogs - Post your blog content and monitor your blog comments/remarks daily.​

You don't want to think about it! You just want to know it's being taken care of.


DO IT FOR ME VIP Package - $1697 per month

INCLUDES ~E-Mail Management ~Social Media ~Correspondence ~Research