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​​Borderless Administrative Services

P. O. Box 8643

La Verne, CA 91750


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What is Virtual Administrative Support?

  • We are independent consultants who work virtually instead of in an office at your site.  We invest in ourselves and our business to benefit our clients. We are open and receptive to learning new things

Virtual Administrative Support vs. Full Time In-House Administrative Support?

Pros of partnering with Borderless Administrative Services 

  • ​You are only paying for the work completed. You aren't paying for down time. You aren't paying for breaks, socializing, or holidays
  • You aren't paying for health insurance, vacation, or sick pay
  • You aren't paying for payroll taxes or office space
  • No need to purchase additional equipment or supplies.  We use our own equipment and supplies to perform our work for you

How do we communicate with each other?

  • Our initial communication will be via email or phone. Whichever works best for you

  • Future communication may continue with email or phone. We also utilize fax, mail, instant message, Skype, and shared web folders

  • ​All job expectations will be communicated in writing


  • Our policy is that your information is never shared with anyone for any reason without your written permission. We are experienced in handling sensitive and confidential information appropriately


  • We use onsite and offsite backup systems

  • We use the latest in malware, spyware and virus protection